SMART Resolution

The future - open to change

It’s the beginning of the year. We all have good intentions and make list of goals for 2014.

  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Spend more time with the family
  • Learn new skills

Studies have shown that people making resolutions looses focus by February and nearly half have given up by July. Only 10% accomplish their goal.

What went wrong?

  • Vague goals are harder to attain.
  • Unrealistic expectations are impossible to reach.

Let’s say you have specific goal and it’s realistic, it can be accomplished within the year. How can you increase your chances of reaching your goal? Use the SMART goal-setting method.

  • SPECIFIC: Clarify your outcome.
  • MEASURABLE: Create objectives that can be charted.
  • ACTIONABLE: Start with an action verb.
  • REALISTIC: Ensure it aligns with your life.
  • TIME-BOUND: Give your goals a deadline.

By taking time to ensure that your goals fit the SMART criteria, you greatly improve your chances for success.

Here are some SMART examples:

"Drop 2 inches from my waist by Christmas 2014 through diet and exercise." (It's clear and realistic, and measurable.)

"Improve my golf score 10 strokes, by August, by practicing my short game." (It's specific; it identifies how you are going to improve your game.)

"Land six job interviews in the HR field by end of March." (It's clear and specific in time deadline.)

What else can you do to improve your chances of accomplishing your goal?

Put it in writing. By writing down your goals, you are creating a sense of accountability. Keep it accessible.

  • Put them in front of your planner.
  • Keep them on a note card in your wallet.
  • Tape them to your bathroom mirror.
  • Put a sticky note on your computer.
  • Make "Goals" a categoy in Notes of your smartphone.

You can have a successful New Year's Resolutions. It just takes a little planning.

Be clear. Be specific. Flush out the steps you need to make to accomplish the goal. Keep it realistic. Make it quantifiable. Set deadline for specific milestone, the stepping stone(s) that gets you closer in reaching the ultimate goal.

I wish you success in reaching your life goals in 2014!

A tip to SMART New Year's Resolutions from Day-Timer.

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Reach out in 2014


A message from our President, Barack Obama:

…so many people all across the country are helping out — in soup kitchens, buying gifts for children in need, organizing food and clothing drive for their neighbor…[These activities] live out what [Jesus] taught us — to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, to feed the hungry and look after the sick, to be our brother's keeper and our sister's keeper. For all of us Americans, regardless of our faith, those are values that can drive us to be better parents, friends, better neighbors, and better citizens.

First Lady Michelle Obama adds:

So, as we look into the new year, let's pledge ourselves to living out these values by reaching out and lifting out those in our communities who could use a hand up.

Won't you reach out and extend a helping hand to those in need, here or abroad? Whatever our faith we are one.

Have a Blessed New Year, Everyone!


Listen /watch the 2013 Holiday Message from the White House here.

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Posted on : Dec 31 2013
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Peace on Earth

May this day, the day we celebrate Christmas, be filled with joy, warmth, and love.

May you spend this Christmas day in good cheer with friends and family.

May there be peace around the world.

Best wishes in the New Year!

Live joyfully, live healthy in 2012.

Posted on : Dec 25 2012
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Let them eat….cheesecake!

Did you know that today is National Cheesecake Day? Check out your local bakery or store. They may well be having a cheesecake promotion! If you love cheesecake it may be worth checking out.

Everything cake "with cheery on top"

Say cheese!

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